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We are an international consulting agency with offices in Sao Paulo, Houston, Texas and Miami Florida and an extensive of professionals and consultants on both coasts including cities such as  Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco and many locales across the vast and fruited American plain. From our beginnings offering services of consulting for non-U.S residents  mainly Brazilian students, Professionals, Workers and Investors , Advising them on how to communicate with their American counterparts, providing them strategic advice on establishing themselves in America or offering students vast amount of universities ,colleges and language schools to study at when they choose to go for an Au Pair Program or an exchange program ( Intercambio ) and providing jobs to those who are seeking ones in the United States, furthermore assisting Investors by helping them opening their businesses on the American soil. our visa consulting agency, excels at choosing means and tools to achieve its clients goals and needs in terms of choosing the right type of visas to providing numerous type of businesses and franchises to choose of, as well as drawing business plans to choosing the right and most convenient and well known Schools, Language Schools or Universities to students willing to go overseas and study . PanaVent seeks to offer a superior level of service and professionalism by combining our nation-wide outlook as well as the rich and diverse personal and professional experiences of our consultants who include, attorneys (Brazilian and American qualified), MBAs, engineers, entrepreneurs, native-born Americans, recent and long-time Brazilian immigrants to America, and Americans who have immigrated to Brazil. Please see our FAQ page to learn more about us and why we deserve your serious consideration…


Para maiores informações e para retirar suas dúvidas sobre como conseguir com segurança seus Vistos de Trabalho, Estudante ou Green Card, basta utilizar o nosso chat on-line, ligar para nosso telefone fixo  BR + 55 11 3230-8070  EUA + 1-786-600-1091 ou mesmo utilizar o click to call Grátis,  para falar com um de nossos especialistas.( falamos os seguintes idiomas: Português , Inglês , Frances e Árabe )


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